Karmika Resources

Pest Control

Karmika recognizes the importance of timely preventive measures and effective pest treatment to preserve the integrity of office or home premises. We are committed to implementing preventive measures to avoid pest infestations and, in the event of any such occurrence, we provide effective treatments to address and eliminate the problem.

As a leading pest control company in India with over 20 years of experience, Karmika employs environmentally friendly pest repellers to combat various types of pests. Our services extend to controlling pests at both home and office premises.


  1. Cockroach Control
  2. Bedbug Control
  3. Mosquito Control
  4. Rat Control
  5. Ants Control
  6. Fly Control
  7. Rodent Control
  8. Bird Control
  9. Termite Control
  10. Bee Control
  11. Weed Control
  12. Snake Management
  13. Wood-borer Control
  14. Fumigation Services